The copyright trading e-commerce is open from April 19
20.04.2021 944
The copyright trading e-commerce is the place where domestic and foreign book-making units experiment, introduce and exchange copyrights through online interactive tools.

One of the highlights of the National Online Book Association this year is to open a copyright trading floor for publishers and publishers. The trading floor will be officially open from April 19 at the address This is one of the activities to celebrate World Book Day and World Copyright April 23.

The copyright trading e-commerce is a place to support trading units during the Covid-19 season, especially publishing companies abroad that are still affected by the pandemic. For Vietnamese units, the copyright floor facilitates exchanges to introduce good books, connects, and organizes floor meetings with effective interactive tools.

The first time the copyright trading e-commerce was implemented, the organizers sent invitations to many publishers, publishers, and copyright brokers to participate. Currently, the organizers have received feedback from organizations from Japan, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore ...

Up to now, there have been nearly 20 participating units sending information data to the organizers, other units will continue to update information in the coming time. The organizers have previously submitted demos of the online copyright exchange to foreign publishers. Some units have good feedback on the interface of the floor.

It is expected that 8 seminars will be held on the e-commerce so that international units can register to participate in meeting and exchanging with Vietnamese publishers.

This is an orthodox playing field, with foreign partners having access to the best and reputable publishing company in Vietnam. They are provided with tools to connect online, chat, discuss ...

On the copyright trading e-commerce also supports the introduction of copyright books. Accordingly, book copyrights will be divided into 3 main groups: children's books, science and technology books, cultural and tourism books.

Copyright exchanges are highly regarded by publishers. Ms. Khuc Thi Hoa Phuong - Director, Editor-in-Chief of Women's Publishing House - said that at major book associations in the world, there is always copyright transaction and exchange. Therefore, Ms. Phuong said that building a copyright transaction space is "a professional move" and "a good signal for publishers".

Mr. Dinh Quang Hoang - CEO of the Waka electronic publishing platform - rated the copyright exchange as a good idea. Mr. Hoang said that the online copyright transaction space is an opportunity where digital book makers can take advantage of all the strengths of introducing copyrights to partners as well as promoting books to readers.
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