Local readers welcome start of National Online Book Fair
Upon addressing the opening ceremony, Deputy Minister of Information and Communication and Chairman of Vietnam Publishing Association Hoang Vinh Bao affirmed that the occasion serves to introduce interesting books to readers. In addition, it also evokes plenty of passion whilst boosting the reading habits of the wide community.
The event also helps publishers to create breakthroughs in developing markets, whilst marking an important step in assisting the publishing industry to enter the digital economy, he noted.
This year's National Online Book Fair running from April 17 to May 15 will feature the participation of 74 publishing units nationwide who will provide more than 20,000 printed titles and e-books, along with over 30,000 other high-quality books.
The majority of the books have gained great attention from readers over the past three years.
Most notably, discounts of between 50% and 80% on books are being applied to readers who reside in remote areas, border areas, and islands.
Furthermore, a copyright festival scheme was also held during the event, attracting major publishers based in Southeast Asia and countries around the world.
During the course of the event, publishing units are able to introduce their typical book copyrights, thereby connecting Vietnamese publishers to those throughout the region and the wider world, whilst helping them to gradually participate in the international copyright market.
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